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Our process is based on a continuous exchange of knowledge and ideas. We do not treat customers as principals, but more like partners. We listen to our Customers carefully, understand their needs and appreciate their commitment. We learn from the others and want to share our knowledge with them. People are our inspiration. We are open for “out-of-the box-thinking” and individual approach.

Synergy is the heart of our process

For over a dozen years, we have been designing both the standard and tailor made machines. Thanks to the continuous exchange of ideas and knowledge, we improve quality, details, technologies and ourselves as a team


Synergy is our goal

We use the experience gained during continuous, long-term improvement of serial machines in the tailor made projects. Tailor made projects, on the other hand, has an impact on innovative solutions introduced into serial machines.

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When developing our machines, we always take due care of the highest quality of details and finishing, and continually improve the quality of standard and tailor made machines.


We use the ideas, which accompany the improvement of our CTCM, Omega and Sigma serial machines to design solutions to special orders placed by our partners.


Our experience gained during 12 years of developing standard and tailor made machines has clearly proven that knowledge exchange, good communication and fair transparent process allow easy migration from machines produced by other manufacturers into our solutions.


Knowledge of work standardization with large entities. Our continually developed and flexible process supports corporate specifications. The knowledge makes us perfectly cope with the requirements.

Synergy features us.

We take good care of our machines and comfort of their use, we continually improve the SUPPORT. We are here to support and help - at all stages of cooperation.


Quality and

Out-of-the box

Timeliness and
short lead time

remote service

A recipe for success

We share our knowledge, experience and work culture. Our internship program for students of the Vocational School allows young people to take first steps in their occupational career in a friendly, dynamic environment and learn from experts. Many of our current team members started their career at Danrob as apprentices. We believe in organic HR and that the workplace can be the second home.

We are looking forward to doing business with you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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