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Our team

DANROB means innovations developed with respect and empathy. The core of our approach to what we do is building-up good partnership-based relationships.

Our team

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Our interdisciplinary team has been continually growing. Currently, 33 well qualified, fully professional members work at all stages of our machine designing, production and service.


automation engineers


production managers

logistic specialists



CNC operators



It is how we are developing


We are proud of how we work and of what we have achieved over last 12 years of working together. We have met many ambitious challenges, constantly improved our products and developed team strength.

Pracownik firmy DANROB

2010 - 2011

DANROB was founded in 2010 by Robert Tomzik and Daniel Kubacki, two friends, who shared a passion of modelling. At the beginning, the company was intended to manufacture machines for bio -fuels production. One of our first projects included a sawdust screen and biomass production facility.

2012 - 2013

After two years of operation, we changed our profile and started new business – manufacturing machines for automotive industry. In 2012, our flagship and the longest-developed line of standard CTCM machines, designed for top cutting of corrugated pipes was launched. First model, the CTCM100, was made for DELPHI. As of today, 26 machines manufactured by DANROB in total run in the DELPHI factories. 2013 was a breakthrough year for us. We moved our plant to Zabłocie – to the historic industrial district of Krakow, where we reside up-to now; in the meantime we have considerably increased the size of our offices and production facilities. We also obtained a patent for our solution of cutting corrugated pipes (patent no. 225855). 

2014 - 2016

Over next years, we completed, among the others, few projects for Valeo (stand for underwater detection of leaks in automotive radiators and for comparative leakproof testing of radiator cores (biplatin)), projects of CNC milling machine for processing aluminium profiles and stand for soaking and centrifuging elements for production of implanted lenses. In 2015, the CTCM400 machine was developed for slitting of corrugated pipe. A year later, we were certified acc. ISO 9001: In 2015, we established the Automation and Robotics Department and marketed CTCM S-line 4000 – complete facility for supply and cutting corrugated tubes.

2017 - 2018

In next years, in addition to other important issues, large increase in employment and machine pool upgrade occurred. In 2018, we completed almost 100 projects. At the end of 2018 we employed 25 persons and had new 300 m2 manufacturing facility. We were also awarded with “the Innovator of Małopolska” award – a prestigious title awarded to powerful and innovative companies, which are ideal business partners for demanding customers.

2019 - 2022

Over last few years, we have completed fewer projects, but much larger and more complex. We plan to erect new production facilities. We increase employment and upgrade the machine pool. We have worked so far with partners from Germany, Russia, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco and Albania. We want to expand our export sales and use our operating capabilities and developed standards to change the European automotive market.
Career at DANROB

Our team is composed of automation, construction, mechanical, electrical engineers, logistic specialists, CNC operators, millers, turners, project leaders and production managers. The whole team works like a well-designed machine.

You can develop your skills with us at every stage of your career. We are looking for experienced professionals, but are also open for young, enthusiastic people who have just started their career or are still studying.

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