Zdjęcie Maserati phasera

Automatic airbag folding station

Maserati phaser assembly line compliant with the most stringent process quality standards was designed to accommodate four assembly stations

Maserati phaser Assembly and check line

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Maserati phaser assembly line


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The machine is used to assemble and check phasers (parts of camshaft variable timing adjustment in combustion engine)


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BorgWarner Group

Location of
the Buyer

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Jasionka near Rzeszow, Poland

When did the
concept appear?

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The concept appeared after four meetings

Scope of works

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Mechanical and electrical design, manufacturing, assembly, factory tests in DAN-ROB, shipment to the customer, commissioning at the customer’s site, final acceptance, employee training

Lead time

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28 weeks


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16 persons participated in the project


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SMC, Balluff, Festo, Siemens, Sick, Keyence, Turck, Bosch Rexroth, Rittal, Murr, PhoenixContact, Schneider, Renishaw, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK, Omega, HBM, Burster, Cognex, Schunk


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Servo-drives, electric linear modules, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, precise air flow control, torque measurements, clamping force measurements, laser marking + code class checking, visual presence checking, precise part height measurements, creation of local dBase


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Integration with factory dBase, integration with final product manufacturing process

Kind of cooperation

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3 years of cooperation with BorgWarner ; it is a first project


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Planning the production process to run by the customer fully automatically on 4 separate machines. Creation of a concept for each station so that the production runs smoothly (similar cycle time for each station.). Selection of technical solutions that meet the process and quality requirements levied by the customer for final product.
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