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Dynamism, respect and trust are just some of the slogans that feature our brand. Learn about our goals, values and how we work. Find out why it is worth to join our growing team.

Why is it worth?


We are the Company of good reputation, well positioned on the Polish market, and always seeking opportunity to develop. In the coming years, we intend to enter international markets more and more and capture demanding customers looking for innovative solutions. We want to face more and more challenges, continually improve our products and ourselves as a team.


We want to build up good relationship among people, both, our employees and customers, based on respect, empathy and trust. We create a dynamic environment in which our creative and talented team can develop innovative solutions capable to change the automotive market. We believe partnership relations and empathy have considerable impact on successful machine building business.


Our team works like a well engineered machine. Currently, 33 well qualified, fully professional members work at all stages of our machine designing, production and service. Our team is composed of automation, construction, mechanical, electrical engineers, logistic specialists, CNC operators, millers, turners, project leaders and production managers.

Why are we different?

Why are we different?

We are dynamic, flexible and think out of the box
Our team comprises not only very good experts, but also open-minded people eager to share knowledge and inspire each other.
We focus on development, setting new goals and ambitious challenges, which can be met thanks to our team work
and empathy
We focus on humans, mutual respect and partnership.
We are open for newcomers, creative ideas and continuous progress.
We think creatively, develop continuously 
and realize ourselves through joint activity.
How to apply

Recruitment guide

Get familiar with the current job offers on our website. Apply using the form below. Confirmation of your application will be sent to your e-mail address.
Recruitment stage 1
If you are successful candidate, you will be invited to the qualification interview. In first instance, you will be interviewed by a representative of HR Department.
Recruitment stage 2
If you passed the recruitment stage 1, you will be invited to an interview with the manager of the department to which you applied. At this stage, we will verify your knowledge and skills. In case of application for managerial position, an additional interview with the Member of the Management Board will be held.
Once the recruitment process has been completed, all candidates will be informed about the results by phone and e-mail. Successful candidate will be informed about further stages of the recruitment.
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