We want to change the automotive market by continual improvement, empathy in action and taking on ambitious challenges. We respond to the highest professional standards. We are a great team. We are proud of how we do our work.

Synergy is the heart of our process

Our process is based on continuous knowledge and idea exchange. People are our inspiration.We are open for “out-of-the box-thinking” and individual approach.

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Grafika prezentująca Synergis

Synergy is the heart of our process


Understanding your needs

We take on greater and greater challenges. We do not mind to go outside the box, we are good listeners, we understand our partners. And that's why we design perfect machines for them.

FLS assembly station

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Perfection makes us proud

Our serial machines are effect of years of work, passion and striving after perfection. We are proud of their precision and functionality.

CTCM is a family of automatic corrugated tube top-cutting machines. We have improved this product for over 12 years.
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They have trusted us
How does it work?

Cooperation you dream about

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Serial machines

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Tailor made machines

Our innovations are driven by good relations and success has been achieved thanks to the strength of our team. We do believe in transparent project completion process and cooperation based on partnership.

We have also used conventional customer service process over years.

Solution improved over years

Family of corrugated tube top-cutting machines based on our patent no. 225855. We have developed this solution over 12 years.

We just care

We take good care of our machines and comfort of their use and continually improve their maintenance.We are here to support and help - at all stages of cooperation

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Great machines by great people

We take care of our Customers - delivery of the machine does not end-up our cooperation with the Customer.our goal is to supply innovative solutions to our Customers.

Perfect communication

Quality and professionalism

Individual approach

Timeliness and short lead time

Reliable, remote service

Well established standards of work with corporate customers

Out of the box thinking

Sufficient financial resources

Decision makers are directly involved in the process

Process, product and customer understanding

We are looking forward to doing business with youus.

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Innovator Małopolski

In 2018, we were awarded with the Innovator Małopolski award, one of the most prestigious business awards in Małopolska Province for our patented solution of cutting corrugated pipes.