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Family of machines designed for top- cutting of corrugated tubes features high precision, quick changeovers and an intuitive work environment.

The CTCM series is a family of advanced equipment for automatic top-cutting of corrugated tubes. Its advantage is high precision and very quick changeover.

Automatic corrugated tube top-cutting machine.
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Solution improved over years

Family of corrugated tube top-cutting machines based on our patent no. 225855. We have developed this solution over 12 years.
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GS 1500

Disc-type unwinder for tubes in Octabin-type packaging

GS 800

Automatic horizontal unwinder with feeding control

CTPM 200

Automatic feeder of corrugated tubes

CL 100

Speed control station for CTPM 200

CTCM 400+

Automatic corrugated tube cutting machine

Precision and quick changeover 50 s.

Lead time 15 weeks only

Cutting on the top of corrugated tube

The most important advantage of CTCM machines is the corrugated tube is always cut exactly at the top (in the widest point), which prevents formation of sharp edges, and thus ensures safety and protects cable harnesses from cutting.

CTCM 400
Precise equipment operation

CTCM series machines guarantee quality of the production thanks to the system of sensors and precise measurements, which control the machine operation.

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Changeover time only 50 s.

The use of DES (Diameter Exchange System) allows an easy and extremely quick changeover of the machine within just 50 s.

Changeover time
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Intuitive work environment and large Siemens screen
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Components from leading manufacturers

When producing our serial machines, we always use the highest quality components. In case of CTCM 4000 machine, Schneider servo drives, SMC pneumatics, SIEMENS S1200 controllers, Balluff sensors and hubs and Harting connectors are used.

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Machine pool and experienced team

Tube diameter: 4.5 - 42 mm

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Zakres materiału od 4,5 do 42 mm

Module DES enables cutting corrugated tubes of a diameter of 4.5 mm to 42 mm using the same CTCM machine. Each DES module is designed to cut a pipe of a different diameter; max. 9 modules may be installed.

CTCM facility is suitable to cut all types of corrugated tubes available on the market:
→ Corrugated tubing Co-flex profile
→ Corrugated tubing Lockflex profile
→ Corrugated tubing Mono-flex truck profile
→ Corrugated tubing Channel-flex profile
→ Corrugated tubing Standard corrugating profile
→ Corrugated tubing Height corrugating profile
→ Corrugated tubing Oval profile
→ Corrugated tubing Standard profile

Production precision
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In addition to CTCM400+ cutting machine, CTCM S-line comprises the set of the equipment:

CL100 gate to control CTPM200 feeder speed
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Automatic tube feeder CTPM200
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Automatic horizontal unwinder with feeding control GS800
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Disc-type unwinder for tubes in Octabin-type cartons GS1500

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We just care

We take good care of our machines and comfort of their use and continually improve their maintenance. JWe are here to support and help - at all stages of cooperation.

within 24 h
response to reports
within 24 h
fault removal under guarantee
from commissioning
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Our experience gained during 12 years of operation has clearly proven that knowledge exchange, good communication and fair transparent process makes it possible easy migration from the machines produced by other manufacturers to our solutions.

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