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We want to tell you that we are changing, building a new branding and a new website

Now, we are for you even more

Dynamic Responsive Precise

DANROB means people

Our team is constantly growing. We want to meet more and more challenges, constantly professionalise and improve our machines. And listen to you even more carefully.

It's not just about the logo. Changes reflect how we work
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Daniel Kubacki

Robert Tomzik

Partnership relations and empathy

We achieve success in building machines thanks to the partnership relations and empathy in action.

Creating a dynamicenvironment​

DANROB's goal is to create a dynamic environment in which innovative solutions that change the automotive industy are born.

Pride in jointof successes

We are proud of the success of our partners and our team.

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In the coming years, we want to enter international markets even more strongly and establish partnerships with ambitious clients looking for innovative solutions.


Our research shows that 2 out of 3 Senior Manufactuirng Engineers are looking for machine suppliers on the Internet. We keep up with the changes and meet the needs. That is why we are introducing a POWER DEMO - the ability to view machines online, talk and provide the most important information. So that cooperation with us was quick and convenient.

During the POWER DEMO meeting, in addition to contacting an expert, you will learn about our references and operational capabilities.




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We would like to introduce you our cutting-printing line
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We’d like to look the way We work

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