Service & Warranty


DANROB machines are covered by a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. There is an extended warranty option for the most demanding customers. A malfunction is resolved in time determined individually with the customer. The maximum waiting time is 48 hours. If you notice damaged or loose parts, immediately contact the manufacturer. Replacement and removal of the electrical module are possible after obtaining the permission of the manufacturer. The product has a seal, which if broken may result in a loss of warranty.



The devices have been designed for customers for whom the continuity of operation is paramount. If the communication module fails and its repair or replacement may take a long time, then we can restore operation in less than 5minutes by replacing the communication module. We recommend the purchase of a communication module and supplementing it from stock / in service. Replacement can be carried out only by the UR or the DANROB service. DANROB means assurance that work on the solution will last until the solution reaches the highest quality. The guarantee does not cover consumable wear parts such as bearings, knife or feed belts.