A device for performing a programmable pressure test of vehicle radiators using “BURST TEST” technology.

This machine consists of several basic modules: a base on wheels, a lockable test chamber equipped with a sink and bases for the radiator, a lifting mechanism for the chamber door, expansion tank, pressure booster (high-pressure module).


Examination of the component takes place in successive phases:

  • After placing the tested radiator in the test chamber and plugging it into a test circuit using special plugs, the chamber door is lowered and locked
  • The next step of the test is to vent the hydraulic (test) circuit with the radiator plugged into it with water circulating in the circuit
  • After the set venting time, the circuit is closed and compression of the programmed pressure value begins


In the case of rupture of the radiator by the pressure in the circuit, the operator and its surroundings as well as persons in the vicinity of the machine are protected by the windows of the test chamber.

If the tested radiator passes the test without unsealing, the pressure is automatically reduced in the test circuit to ambient pressure and the circuit with blown through with compressed air.