About us

DANROB – a dynamically developing company, focuses its activity on the design and construction of machines.  Constructing begins at the moment of meeting with the client. We focus on innovative and dedicated projects to effectively provide services at the highest level.

The DANROB team works according to a plan:

  • Idea
    Inspired by the diverse requirements of the clients, we aim to create innovative solutions.
  • Analysis
    To succeed in a highly competitive market, DANROB focuses on a careful and thorough analysis of each project. The design department adapts DANROB-brand machines to the ever-changing automotive market.
  • Design
    After careful analysis, the DANROB team focuses on the phased creation of a dedicated design.
  • Construction
    In the phase of construction of equipment, our engineers focus on the details. During the construction of machinery, the DANROB production team uses components made by companies offering the highest quality products. DANROB’s machines are manufactured mainly based on original components.
  • Satisfaction
    Stay close enough to your customers to tell them what they want before they choose to do so. – Steve Jobs.

Experienced engineering staff is able to meet the most demanding requirements placed by clients – both small and large companies.We design machinery in SOLIDWORKS. The use of the most modern design techniques, enhanced reliability of professionals has led to the creation of our own machine park. This enables us to manufacture most of the components for machines on our own.

DANROB is a world leader in mass production of machines for cutting corrugated tubing. Our company has a patented mechanism for positioning corrugated tubing. A patent for a module for processing corrugated tubing and the necessary know-how to construct any type of device for automatic processing of corrugated tubing. Cutting on the crest and slitting. Tubing with a diameter from NW4.5 to NW50.

We operate in many dynamic areas characterised by a diversity of orders. High-quality components used in the construction of DANROB machines are manufactured by world-leading companies, operating in pneumatics, mechanics and control.

Pneumatics – FESTO, SMC, BOSH

Mechanics – BOSH, HIWIN, HSD


Automatics and control – BALLUFF, SICK, KEYENCE, IFM, WENGLOR


Present on the market for several years, we’re continuously modifying, refining and building more and more perfect and functional devices. As a direct manufacturer of machine parts, DANROB also undertakes the construction and assembly of elements according to the client’s documentation. Flexibility in the diversity of design allows us to handle complex projects and demanding applications.

The CTCM machines are designed in compliance with all safety standards.

The CE marking is a symbol of the manufacturer’s declaration, indicating compliance with the requirements of the directives in force in the European Union.

These guidelines cover issues related to the safety of use, protection of health and the environment. They determine the danger that the manufacturer should detect and eliminate


DANROB and its activity in the machinery manufacturing market is characteristic for keeping pace with the dynamically growing automotive market. Continuous observation of trends in the automotive industry allows for quick response to customer needs.


  • 2O12
    The CTCM series
    Introduction of the first automatic machines for cutting corrugated tubing
    Expanding the offer with the CTCM 2OO
  • 2O13
    Implementation of the Diameter Exchange System, which speeds up the retooling
    and cutting of corrugated tubing with different diameters
  • 2O14
    Leak testers
    Construction of devices for testing radiator tightness under high pressure (BURST TEST)
    Implementation of systems checking the size and tightness VALEO Skawina
  • 2O15
    The largest and most important project was the construction of the CNC machine
    for milling gascooler OS1 covers
    Construction of CTCM 400 with the slitting module
    Automating the pressure testing line using a COBOT
  • 2O16
    CTCM 5OO
    CTCM S-line 4OOO
  • 2O17
    CTCM 400_SE

We design based on the client’s documentation or our own designs.

Our offer includes:
Measuring machines
Robotised workstations
Testing equipment  DANROB is characterised by improving the quality, productivity growth and greater stabilization of operations.